Mission and Aims 

The mission of the SRNT Europe (SRNT-E) is to stimulate the generation of new knowledge concerning nicotine and tobacco at any level of research, from molecular to societal. Our aims are to:

  1. organise scientific meetings and publications fostering the exchange of research information on nicotine and tobacco.
  2. encourage scientific research on all aspects of nicotine/tobacco related research: pre-clinical, clinical, epidemiological and on the level of tobacco control for the prevention and treatment of tobacco use and dependence.
  3. educate and train researchers and clinicians to be able to conduct such research and apply its results.
  4. provide a framework by which legislative, governmental, regulatory and other public agencies can obtain expert advice and consultation on nicotine and tobacco.

Official Journal 

Nicotine and Tobacco Research

Social Media

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Past Conferences

Abstracts of past SRNT Europe conferences


  • SRNT Europe Bylaws, April 2011
  • Tests for Nicotine Dependence
  • Record Keeping for Smoking Cessation Services